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What the Reserve Program has Done for Me

The Reserve Program at North County Fire Protection District has opened doors of opportunity, while allowing me to sustain and improve both EMS and fire skills. The program gave me the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a Firefighter. There are not many programs were you get to work 24-hour shifts and are given such a high level of responsibility. I feel prepared and confident whether I attend Paramedic school or get a full-time job as a Firefighter/EMT. Wherever I get hired full-time I will be prepared to be on probation because as a Reserve, I have given classes and worked side-by-side with Probationary Firefighter/ Paramedics. Therefore, I have a better understanding what it takes to excel as a career Firefighter. I have matured as an individual and I am more confident and proficient with EMS and fire skills, including public relations, all thanks to the Reserve Program at North County Fire.

The Reserve Program is a very beneficial program. The experience received is priceless. I have been in the program for little over a year now and I have seen minor to major medical problems as well as critical patients in traffic collisions. I have also seen and been involved in fire attack and fire rescue. I just so happen to be an individual who plans on becoming a paramedic in the near future; I cannot think of a better way to get my experience. Sometimes it is only the paramedic and the reserve on scene and if the two of you do not do something; the patient may die. I am so glad I never wasted my time working on a private ambulance doing convalescent transports. Not to mention, most reserve programs are not even paid and at best, they're paid by the call. If medical and fire experience is what you're looking, for there is no better place to be than the North County Fire Reserve Program.

Submitted By Daniel Sahagun

In the fire academy, I learned that the purpose of being a firefighter was to protect the life and property of the community that you served. Working as a Reserve Firefighter for North County Fire Protection District has allowed me the tremendous opportunity to put what I had learned in the classroom into real-life action. In a short amount of time this successful program has taught me what it means to be a true firefighter. Training daily with the crew has allowed me to vastly increase my knowledge and improve my skills while at the same time building the camaraderie that is so crucial to the fire service. Being able to work side-by-side with a full-time firefighter/paramedic has given me the experience that will be crucial for being successful in the emergency medical services field. Working as a Reserve has also given me insight into the station life of a firefighter, something that cannot be taught in an academy. Most importantly the Reserve Program has allowed me to perform what every firefighter does on a daily basis-help people.

RFF Lindsey



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